Note: The information in this document will constantly be updated as BOOMN development continues.
$BOOMN Tokens allow access to different areas in the BOOMN Ecosystem such as the BOOMN Audio Wallet and the Marketplace. Creators and Fans can use BOOMN to access more features and details within each area in the BOOMN Ecosystem.
BOOMN Wallet v2 - White Mode

BOOMN Audio Wallet

During the first phase of BOOMN, all transaction fees are handled by BOOMN. In the future, the use of $BOOMN within the the BOOMN Audio Wallet gives users the flexibility to use their audio however they see fit. $BOOMN lifts the restrictions that Web 2.0 is founded on and allows users to attach digital media to original audio files. But, for example, in order to attach 1 media file to an original audio file, you would need to have 1 $BOOMN token in your wallet. This causes $BOOMN to be a pure utility token.

The Marketplace

The use of $BOOMN within the the Marketplace gives users access to communities, revenue streams and engagement, however they want it.

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