Create A Creator Profile

Step 1.

After you've followed the download instructions and downloaded the BOOMN app, then this is the first screen you should see after downloading and opening the wallet. Enter your email address and press sign in. When you enter your email address, we will email you a link to authorize your device to make sure you are logging in from the correct location and not being phished.

Step 2.

A screen will pop up letting you know your authorization code was sent to your email and you must authorize your device. Do not close out of the wallet. Open up your email and find the recent email from Magic.Link and click the "Log in to BOOMN" button.

Step 3.

Once confirmed, close out of your email and open back up your wallet. Where you will be asked to create a passcode. We highly recommend to choose a passcode different from your phone's passcode. Enter it twice to confirm your code.

Step 4.

These are the intro screen that break down the basics. After reading, click "Next". BOOMN will then ask you if you are a creator - select "Yes". This will send our servers a notification to approve your creator profile. Then after reading, click "Next" for the final time.

Step 5.

After you confirm your passcode, choose your profile industries and click confirm. If you chose 'Music', then choose your music genres and click confirm.

Step 6.

Next, you will see the home screen. Press the 3 lines in the top right corner (menu button) and make sure your switch is in the "Creator" mode.
If you are unable to switch into creator mode, then please contact Support by pressing the "Support" button in the menu.