Creator Mode

For all creators, communities, brands and businesses.

Creators are any person or business who uses their own audio.

Examples: Live streaming, podcasting, DJing, teaching, retail store music, restaurants, audio books, film, musicians - anyone that uses audio.


Simply put, the difference is Creator mode is used to create and layer your experiences and the Listener mode is used to engage with those experiences.
Creator mode has all the tools you need to create a custom experience that reflects your brand. It also organizes all your data and analytics for you so that you have a deeper understanding about your audience and what they enjoy most. On the Creator dashboard homepage, you'll see an overview of all your drops and their associated data such as most minted, most revenue, most verified, number of unique wallets and more.
We'll dive a little bit deeper when we release BOOMN v2.0 - These data points won't be available for you until there is enough data to populate the numbers overall.
Dark Mode - BOOMN v2.01.1

Create Drops

The most important part of the Creator mode in BOOMN is your ability to create drops.
Drop: An audio file you own and uploaded to BOOMN that has a layer(s) communication channels inside which allows you to communicate with and reward your Listeners directly.
As a general overview, when you create a Drop, you're creating a collection of that audio file and its content attached to it that you are providing. By pressing 'Create New Drop' you are creating a brand new experience inside of your audio, which is also creating a specific smart contract and telling it what you want it to do.
Currently for BOOMN v1.0.2 there is 1 type of drop: A 'Pre-Recorded Drop'. Soon, we will introduce a new type of drop, A 'Live Drop'
We explain these in further detail as you read on.