Listener Mode

For everyone!

Listeners are any person or business who wants to interact with a Creator.

Examples: Live streaming, podcasting, DJing, teaching, retail store music, restaurants, audio books, film, musicians - anyone that listens to audio.


Simply put, the Listener mode is used to connect directly to a Creator and their experiences.
Dark Mode - BOOMN v2.01.1

Connect To Creators

The most important part of the Listener mode in BOOMN is your ability to connect directly to your favorite Creator and take part in their creative process.
Drop: An audio file you own and uploaded to BOOMN that has a layer(s) communication channels inside which allows you to communicate with and reward your Listeners directly.
As a general overview, when you want to connect deeper with a Creator, you can BOOM them. By pressing the BOOMN logo, you are connecting with and creating a deeper connection and brand new experience inside of the audio, which is also creating a specific smart contract.
Currently for BOOMN v1.0.2 there is 1 type of drop: A 'Pre-Recorded Drop'. Soon, we will introduce a new type of drop, A 'Live Drop'
We explain these in further detail as you read on.