What are Drops?

Not your typical 'drop'
A 'Drop' is when a Creator uploads a reward inside of their audio file for their community to engage with. Creators can reward Listeners with secret info, exclusive content, access to exclusive products & much more. Listeners "BOOM" a Drop (the audio) while the audio is playing from your favorite platform. The BOOMN app needs to be in 'Listener Mode' to connect and reveal the rewards inside of the audio. If there is something inside the audio, BOOMN will notify you with explosions and confetti like in Fig 3.2
Fig 3.2
There are currently two different kinds of drops:
Pre-Recorded Drop: When a creator uploads the audio file of an already recorded piece of audio. This can be anything audio, from a song, to a podcast, a documentary, the audio from a music video, a speech, class you taught, etc. This drop is only for content that is already created.
Live Drop: (available in coming updates) When a creator has NOT created the content prior to the publishing date and will be going live on an exact day and time for the drop. This would be for live concerts, interviews, radio shows, streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, etc. This drop is only for content NOT already created, but instead for content created in real time.

Smart Contract Info When Creating Drops

Our platform creates smart contracts for every drop you publish which gives your rewards a special ID that cannot be deleted and verifies it as a digital collectable. We do this automatically, without you having any prior knowledge of coding or programming. When you create any type of drop on BOOMN, you are creating your own digital collection, which also shows up on other platforms such as OpenSea, Aavegotchi, Refinable and more. These are just difference Amazons, or eBays' and this is as it would show up on OpenSea. This is using a Collection as an example
It shows up as one platform but with different collections within. When you create a drop of your audio, you are creating a brand new collection for that single piece of audio under the one platform (BOOMN). All the information and metadata that you are inputting for your drop will automatically populate on the appropriate platforms.
Now that you understand drop types, let's jump into how to create a pre-recorded drop.