How To Verify A Drop

Step 1.

After you've downloaded the app and created a listener profile, then you've going to make sure you're in Listener Mode.

Step 2.

After you make sure you're in Listener' mode, then press the BOOMN logo engagement button at the bottom center of the toolbar. This will bring you to your BOOM Dashboard where you can press the BOOMN logo when listening to audio and connect!

Step 3.

Once connected, you will get a pop up with confetti and your phone vibrating. Now you have to select 'Accept' or 'Deny' the connection. If you 'Deny' the connection, the app will bring you back to the BOOM Dashboard page. If you select 'Accept', then the app will pop up with 'Connection Successful' and will bring you to your wallet collections page where you can view your newly earned asset.
For the v1.0.2, music previews are not enabled.