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What is BOOMN?

BOOMN is an interactive audio ecosystem built on our patented protocol, the Proof of Sound.

Creators & Fans can connect directly and interact with each other from inside their original audio.
  • Sell concert tickets inside of your song.
  • Give away t-shirts inside your music video.
  • Host a poll in an instagram reel
  • Take attendance

Fully control your creations from inception.

From the moment of creation, through distribution, publishing and your community interactions.
  • Create additional revenue streams
  • Collect and own all your data
  • Control your copyright
  • Leverage your IP
  • Understand your audience on a deeper level

The Ecosystem

Our ecosystem allows you to create or access unlimited layers of a brand experience.
  1. 1.
    The App - This is your connector. Manage communities & connections in a central location.
  2. 2.
    The Marketplace - This is your lounge. Stream, buy, sell and trade earned assets.
  3. 3.
    The Token - This is your power. Publish drops, earn rewards and secure your community.
  4. 4.
    The VST - This is your gateway. From inception, create metadata, record copyright/IP, determine licensing, handle splits, earn rewards, and power the ecosystem.
This outline focuses on our first release: The App.
The Token, The Marketplace and The VST will be released later on, in no particular order.

What You Need To Know

Throughout the ecosystem, every user has the ability to switch between 2 modes at any time:
Creators: Any person or business who creates content with audio.
Examples: Live streaming, podcasting, DJing, teaching, retail store music, restaurants, audio books, film, musicians - anyone that uses audio.

Creators can BOOM to generate more income, control their IP, reward an actively engaged community, create & combine unique experiences and understand their communities better.

Listeners: Any person or business who enjoys watching or listening to content.
Examples: Listening to music, watching TV, listening to a podcast, attending a university lecture, going to a conference.
Listeners can BOOM to unlock rewards, utility, lifetime memberships, influence creators, collect moments and share memories.
It's time to fully own and control your sound.
BOOMN Beta v1.0.2 - Dark Mode
We provide you the ability to add unlimited layers of value for all your communities, in one spot.
BOOMN, using the Proof-of-Sound,
redefines your relationships. Anyone can BOOM an experience to create or unlock hidden layers. Actively engage with friends, family and fans by creating and combining multiple layers for them; all powered by audio.

But I Don't Know Anything About Blockchain

That is perfectly fine! We've designed our platform to handle all the coding and techy stuff for you. No coding needed. You use the internet every single day, for nearly everything that you do, but you really don't know how it works..

BOOMN On The Block(chain)

Our currently, the
BOOMN Ecosystem is built on Polygon. We are constantly working on new chain integrations and will be implementing more chains in the coming updates. Our sole focus is on protocols that have the ability to create digital collectables.
Polygon is a Layer 2 protocol that sits on top of Ethereum, which is a Layer 1.
Read more about it here: What Is Polygon?
Eventually, we will be on all of them.
Any protocol that has the ability to create digital collectables, we will integrate. BOOMN will be fully cross-chain compatible.

Behind The BOOM

Where did the need for "BOOMN" come from? From BOOMN's Founder, Draydel.
Short version: BOOMN came from a mobile street experience that I designed and built out of a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron that booms really loud
so I named it LeBOOMN. It came from the need of not having to ask people for permission or trust others to express my art. (Inspired from the same concept as Graffiti
one of the 4 elements of the Hip-Hop culture.) The company BOOMN and its Proof-of-Sound protocol, both developed from and added to this experience.
Long version: I got introduced to DJing at age 8 and bought my first pair of turntables at age 11. Then got into producing by 12 using FL Studio 4 and fell into audio engineering at age 13. I attended Florida State University
for Mechanical Engineering, but dropped out my senior year because I got signed to T-Pain's DJ at the time. This showed me I really could pursue music full time. I moved back down to South FL and I got hired as an producer/engineer when they were only looking for an intern. This was at a Gloria Estefan's former studio which was in the studio central hub spot in Miami.
I kept putting my name out anyway I could and grinding for years before I ended up catching the ear of a husband/wife power couple who ended up managing Scott Storch. Very long story short, they needed extra help at their studio and so they threw me into the mix. Over the next few years I learned and acquired a ton of invaluable information about not only music, but also the music business.
I also saw that there are some practices in the industry that needed to be worked on.. and that's when I really understood Bitcoin.
LeBOOMN v1.0 - 2015
I started building my own trustless, permissionless project, v1.0 of LeBOOMN (fka Leboomin) around 2014, where I would just pull up in random spots and perform out of LeBoomin; throwing down sets from sidewalks to South Beach, from college towns to concert venue parking lots - basically a Permissionless Party. The car and experience grew bigger and better, with live singing from Jillee Parker, dancers, fog machines, more lights and a louder sound system.
LeBOOMN v2.0 - Art Basel 2019 - Miami, FL
As soon as I understood blockchain, I knew I wanted to some how incorporate the tech into the business model. At first, I was just doing crypto giveaways but eventually found out about NFTs (CryptoKitties) and what they could possibly do for the entertainment industry. I could provide more value through NFTs given to fans, especially at LeBoomin performances. I learned about smart contracts and what was possible and then
LeBOOMN v3.0 - Art Basel 2022 - Miami, FL
LeBOOMN v3.0 - Art Basel 2022 - Miami, FL

Learn More About The Ecosystem

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